Australian creditors left with bitter taste

The Australian brewer of the county’s most popular Victoria Bitter (VB) beer, Foster’s Group, has seen its credit default swaps rise after British-South African brewer SAB Miller launched a hostile bid to takeover the company. As reported in Bloomberg,…

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Are Canadian banks the safest in the world

While pricing data and quotes on Canadian bank CDS is somewhat spotty (which itself could be interpreted as a signal of market strength since liquidity is often driven by demand, especially to protect from default, or alternatively as an area …

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BRIC bank CDS rising

Banks in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have seen their credit default swaps on the rise amid rising loan losses from various degrees of credit expansions in the emerging markets. According to Bloomberg,

Brazil’s financial shares have

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Weekly: Italy volumes almost reach $10 billion

Italian credit default swap weekly volumes for the week ended May 27, 2011 reached a new record high of almost $10 billion in the span of 279 trades.

The other single-name corporates in the list this week were Stora Eno, …

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Weekly: USA CDS were at record levels

Call it what you will (coincidence, irony, inside information) but trading in credit default swaps tied to American sovereign debt soared to a new record last week – which was before S&P came out with its US sovereign debt downgrade

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Weekly: Spain tops $10 billion

Spain continued atop the weekly active CDS list and topped the $10 billion mark in weekly trading for the first time during the week ended April 8, 2011. While on a number of actual trades basis, the last week’s …

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Weekly: Dixons Retail goes on a swapping spree

Dixons Retail (the former DSG International) appeared as the 12th most active credit default swap name for the week ending April 1, 2011. The company had already seen a pickup in activity in past weeks, and that had attracted …

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Weekly: Energy Future & Texas Competitive

When claims of a company as big as Energy Future Holdings going bankrupt surface, it is only natural to expect investors to plough into the CDS and that is exactly what happened to Energy Future and its subsidiary Texas Competitive …

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Weekly: French banks pop, Mexico on top


Mexico’s sovereign credit default swaps jumped to top spot on the most active list  for the week ended February 25, 2011. The almost $4 billion in CDS that traded was the highest since September 17, 2010. The …

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Weekly: Investors calling European telecoms

European telecommunications companies saw their credit default swaps among the most active during the week ended January 21, 2011.

French provider, France Telecom, German provider Deutsche Telekom, Portuguese provider Portugal Telecom International Finance (the funding vehicle for the Portugal …

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