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A quality television maker is not necessarily a quality investment

Gone were the days when anything Japanese signalled excellence and quality. A Toyota Motors investor, happy with the new Toyota Camry he bought, could sit safely knowing that at the end of the day he could let the products speak …

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Spanish bank bailout hasn’t triggered CDS (yet)

So far, market participants are saying (based on what they know so far) that the recent 100 billion euro Spanish bank “bailout” is unlikely to trigger credit default swaps linked to the country’s sovereign debt.
As summarized in IFR,…
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ResCap CDS auction

CDS traders held their settlement auction yesterday for Residential Capital LLC – the mortgage subsidiary of Ally Financial (which itself is the successor to the old GMAC). At the end, traders decided the final price of 17.625.…

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Houghton Mifflin Auction

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, which filed for bankruptcy last month, in order to

strengthen the Company financially so we can continue to invest in our business and ensure we are well positioned for the future. This plan, which is supported

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Eircom auction results

The Eircom double European loan credit default swap (E-LCDS) auctions were held yesterday. The LCDS tied to first lien debt settled on a final price of 62 and the second lien debt settled on a final price of 7.125.

The …

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Hawker Beechcraft auction results

The CDS settlement auction for Hawker Beechcraft Acquisition Co LLC last week and the final price was set at 63.5.

The company which Raytheon sold to Goldman Sachs Capital Partners & Onex in a $3.3 billion buyout in 2007

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ERC Ireland CDS auction final price

That’s right. A worthless piece of …

For details on the auction or more information on ERC Ireland’s (eircom) restructuring and examinership.…

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Elpida CDS auction final price

The credit default swap settlement auction for Elpida Memory was held today and a final price of 21 was set. In other words, sellers of credit default swaps referencing Elpida Memory debt will have to fork up 79 cents on …

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Second auction this week: Elpida (エルピーダメモリ株式会社)

Its turning out to be a busy week for the International Swaps & Derivatives Association (ISDA) as they hold their second credit default swap settlement auction of the week for a Japanese semiconductor and chipmaker, Elpida Memory. (The first auction

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Greek CDS auction final price

The market was expecting it for a while now and the final day of reckoning in the Hellenic Republic credit default swap fiasco reached another milestone today with the CDS settlement auction setting a final price of 21.5 cents on …

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