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The Auzzie’s properties

Australian real estate companies have had some of the best performing CDS in the industry this year. From Bloomberg,

Credit-default swaps on GPT Group (GPT), Westfield Group (WDC) and Lend Lease Group (LLC) tumbled the most among companies

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Investors dial-up Nokia swaps

While Nokia’s ADR shares have had their best weekly gain in about 2 decades (rising from a low of $1.69 on July 17th, 2012 to its current level around $2.38), Bloomberg mentions how, The cost of insuring Nokia bonds using
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How Swede it is

Investors are finding more safety in everything Swedish it seems. A recent Bloomberg story pointed out that:
Credit-default swaps on five-year Swedish government bonds have rallied this month, reaching 46.3 basis points today, compared with 46.5 for the world’s largest
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Default risk outside of Europe

While European countries seem to be hogging the highly coveted “whose gonna default next” spotlight, recently CNBC highlighted another non-euro country that could beat other European countries to the mark. Belize, the country in question, was recently downgraded by Moody’s …

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Morgan Stanley CDS above 400

Morgan Stanley credit default swaps are reaching levels not seen since the credit crisis of years past and currently trade above 400 bps. While all the bulge bracket American banks (and most other banks in general) are seeing their CDS …

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Face of the market: CBS

CBS credit default swaps rose the most this year, or 13 bps, to 118 bps yesterday after investors worry about the effect a potential sale of the company’s outdoor advertising and billboard business could have on the current or successor …
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Australia corps rising

Australian corporate credit default swap prices rose to a 6-month high according to Bloomberg:
The Markit iTraxx Australia index jumped 10 basis points to 212 basis points as of 10:15 a.m. in Sydney, according to Westpac Banking Corp. (WBC)
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Indian Rupee at record low as credit concerns loom

Contrary to yesterday’s rather positive news about Reliance Industries’ credit outlook, A recent report in the International Financing Review (IFR) highlighted a rather grim picture on Indian credits saying,

“It could go to stratospheric levels against the dollar

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Reliance on CDS

One of India’s largest companies, Reliance Industries, has seen its credit default swaps drop significantly this year. As highlighted in Bloomberg,

Confidence in the owner of the world’s largest oil-refining complex surged this year as the company reported cash

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TEPCO swaps – 1 year later

As highlighted in Bloomberg,

Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s credit- default swaps plunged to the lowest in a year after Japan’s government agreed to a 1 trillion yen ($12.5 billion) bailout for the owner of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

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