About CreditLime

Welcome to CreditLime. We are a credit default swap (CDS) company focused on developing solutions to help investors investigate, analyze and monitor the CDS markets for identifying trading opportunities, understanding market movements and managing risk.

CreditLime also hosts an online financial blog specializing in the credit derivative and credit default swap (CDS) markets. CreditLime’s reporters and contributors seek to keep investors updated on the developments in the CDS markets. CreditLime identifies informative, interesting and actionable news and information that can assist investors in the trade identification opportunities, education and risk management activities for their individual investments, trades and overall portfolio.

CreditLime recognizes the opportunities and risks afforded by the growing CDS market and we are focused doing our part to support the continued positive growth and evolvement of the industry.

If you would like more information, please fill out the contact form or email us and a representative will contact you.

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