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New co-branded Standard & Poor’s ISDA CDS index

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and Standard and Poor’s (S&P) announced that ISDA will be co-branding S&P’s existing suite of credit default swap indices as the S&P/ISDA CDS Indices. It is believed that the co-branding could help attract …

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Growing gap between US vs. EU corporate CDS

Recent research by Bloomberg indicates that

Credit traders are demanding the biggest premiums ever to protect against European corporate defaults relative to North American companies, marking a reversal from the months before Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s 2008 failure when investors

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French bank CDS rise to records

The European sovereign banking crisis appears to be pulling in more and more countries and their domestic banks with France and the French banks some of the latest victims amid worries about what a sovereign default by a country like …

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CMA adds quanto CDS data

CMA, provider of the popular Datavision CDS pricing service announced they are adding support for quanto CDS spreads particularly for European sovereign CDS’ to help users better ascertain the true impact of a possible hard default.

Eurozone sovereign credit

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Fitch launches new CDS indices

Fitch Solutions last week announced they

launched a new family of global CDS indices – including 15 regional sovereign indices, over 40 industry level corporate indices and a further 70 sub-sector corporate indices – which are designed to provide portfolio

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CDS Seminar in New York on Oct.6

Structured Credit Investor is organizing a CDS seminar in New York in October for those interested in attending.…

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Archstone in play

Archstone, one of America’s largest residential real estate owners which was taken private in a $15 billion leveraged buyout a few years ago around the highs of the real estate market, is back in play again with the WSJ reporting …

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CDS bid-ask spreads triple

While equity markets may have backed off their volatility highs of earlier last month, credit default swap markets are seeing their volatility continue and bid-ask spreads have approximately tripled during the month of August.

As reported in Bloomberg,


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ISDA rules no TXU credit event

In an update to last week’s news, ISDA’s North American Determinations Committee ruled unanimously that no bankruptcy credit event had occurred with respect to ¬†Aurelius Capital’s recent request for a ruling on the reference obligations of Texas Competitive Electric Holdings …

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Boeing CDS flying higher

Boeing credit default swaps are hovering at nearly 2-year highs closing in the 85 basis point range last week as investors express their concern over the continued delays in the company’s launch of its 787 Dreamliner jet – which is …

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