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Alliant Energy CDS brief

A brief summary of Wisconsin energy producer Alliant Energy (owner operator of Interstate Power and Light Company and Wisconsin Power and Light Company) from Power-Gen Worldwide.

Alliant Energy 5-year Credit Default Swap (LNT.US) rose 0.02 basis points (or 0.02%) to

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Egyptian protests move CDS

Egypt credit default swaps hit highs last seen since June 2009 crossing 350 bps on Wednesday and 375 bps on Thursday amid mass political protesting against current 30-year incumbent President Hosni Mubarak, partly inspired by the earlier protesting going on …

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Weekly: Investors calling European telecoms

European telecommunications companies saw their credit default swaps among the most active during the week ended January 21, 2011.

French provider, France Telecom, German provider Deutsche Telekom, Portuguese provider Portugal Telecom International Finance (the funding vehicle for the Portugal …

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ICE clears $15 trillion

It hit $10 trillion in July 2010, $12 trillion in September 2010, and now IntercontinentalExchange, operator of the ICE Trust US credit default swap central clearinghouse (CDS CCP) and the ICE Clear Europe CDS CCP, just announced that clearing volumes …

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China’s Financial Asset Exchanges to add liquidity

China has made great strides in its efforts to modernize its financial markets over the past few months. Beginning with the creation of National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) in 2007, introducing  the concept of bond insurance, the …

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Food companies, India, Russia CDS to begin the week

Wendy’s/Arby’s Group CDS fell from 296 bps to 271 bps after saying it would sell the Arby’s Restaurant Group. It continued to fall further into the 260 bps area afterwards.

Campbell’s Soup CDS rose to a record 70.8 bps, Yum! …

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Weekly: Italy back in the forefront

Italy saw a record amount of weekly swap activity on its sovereign debt surpassing its previous record set just over a month ago with over $7 billion in gross notional traded in 278 contracts for the week ended January 14,

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Former LBO swaps fall, steelmaker, homebuilder and PMI CDS rises

Credit default swaps on companies taken private in previous years through leveraged buyouts have seen their prices tighten in according to a recent Bloomberg report.

Credit-default swaps on Realogy, which typically fall as investor confidence improves and rise as

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United States CDS climbs to half-a-percent

United States of America CDS (yes, apparently credit investors don’t necessarily believe US sovereign credit is as good a proxy for totally ‘risk-free’ rates like you might have learned back in school) increased the most in about a year on …

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Tunisian revolt sends CDS soaring

The recent violence and protests against government policies taking place in Tunisia that caused long-time (since 1987) Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, to flee to Saudi Arabia late last week has sent credit default swaps tied to its central …

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