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New South Korean CDS Index in the works

Bloomberg previously reported that Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) was planning to introduce a new credit default swap index covering South Korean single-name corporates. The paper quoted officials from KOFIA for the story while also mentioning the index …

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Indian banks also accessing US capital markets

While most of the international banking news has revolved around the European Bank stress tests and recent rush of IPO‘s of Chinese banks including Agricultural Bank of China and Everbright Bank, what has gone somewhat unnoticed is the …

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Collateralizing Credit Default Swaps

As the credit default swap market is an institutional-only market that requires margin-type accounts to take advantage of the benefits of leverage inherent in the contract, a vast majority (measured by number of participants – not necessarily by amount of …

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USA faces its first credit rating downgrade

It wasn’t Moody’s, it wasn’t S&P and it wasn’t Fitch. So who actually had the guts to downgrade the world’s largest economy?

Dagong Global Credit Ratings Company (DGCR, or simply Dagong) did. Dagong is a Chinese-based credit rating agency which …

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Euro Bank CDS little changed right after EU stress test results

The day after the EU released the results of its European bank stress tests, credit default swap markets showed little reaction with maybe a slight tightening bias. Keep in mind though that the results were released after European markets were …

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CDS trumps the SEC again in the boxing enforcement ring

As most investors were focused and drowned in all the hype surrounding the SEC’s latest claimed “victory” in its $550 million settlement with Goldman Sachs on charges that the bank omitted information and misled investors during the marketing of its …

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Truvo Subsidiary CDS buyers recover 97% in CDS auction

Earlier this month the International Swaps & Derivatives Organization (ISDA), announced the first credit event of the summer to settle credit default swaps referencing the debt of Truvo Subsidiary after the directories publisher missed a few scheduled interest payments in …

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लगे रहो सुब्बारावभाई (Keep going Subbarao): Rupee Credit Default Swaps (Part 3)

CreditLime Special Report
July 21, 2010

लगे रहो सुब्बारावभाई (Lage Raho Subbaraobhai, Keep going Subbarao): Rupee Credit Default Swaps (Part 3)

Continued from Part 2

Lage Raho Subbaraobhai

If there is anyone that is able to get the …

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CDS Traders play the IGT slot machines

Slot machine maker International Game Technology credit default swaps were active last week  rising from around 140 bps early in the week to 160 bps by mid-week and finally closing on Friday near the 190 bps level.

Earlier in the …

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Goldman CDS slightly lower after SEC settlement

Two business days after Goldman Sachs’ $550 million settlement with the SEC on civil charges and Goldman Sachs credit default swaps are trading about 12 bps below where they were before the public announcement.

Goldman Sachs CDS were around …

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