CDS ETF’s have arrived

Deutsche Bank’s db x-trackers program has launched new ETF’s tied to the Markit CDX North America Investment Grade and High Yield credit default swap indices. They

Some of the pending tickers as listed by Bloomberg include:

· XLIG –


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Debt downs India’s airlines

The drama thats unfolding in India’s airline sector and has nearly taken one casualty, in Kingfisher Airlines earlier default and grounding, is causing turbulence for the rest of that country’s airlines as well. While Kingfisher is already down but not …

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A quality television maker is not necessarily a quality investment

Gone were the days when anything Japanese signalled excellence and quality. A Toyota Motors investor, happy with the new Toyota Camry he bought, could sit safely knowing that at the end of the day he could let the products speak …

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CME sues to protect its swap data

A new lawsuit by the CME to protect is trade data from having to be sent to DTCC or other centralized swap data repositories  could threaten or slow down the drive to increased transparency in derivative markets.

From Reuters,…

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North American CDS back at 3 month high

As mentioned in Businessweek,

The Markit CDX North America Investment Grade Index, a credit-default swaps benchmark that investors use to hedge against losses or to speculate on creditworthiness, rose 4.3 basis points to a mid-price of 104.5 basis points

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The Auzzie’s properties

Australian real estate companies have had some of the best performing CDS in the industry this year. From Bloomberg,

Credit-default swaps on GPT Group (GPT), Westfield Group (WDC) and Lend Lease Group (LLC) tumbled the most among companies

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How to use credit default swaps when buying bonds

While CDS is still an institutional-only market, preventing retail investors and other corporations from being able to directly partake in it so far, non-active participants can still  keep up-to-date and learn from the wealth of important information that can be …

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CDS used to help relieve bank balance sheets

CDS, once a source of contention for critics of derivatives, are now being used to help de-risk European banks’ balance sheets affected by the ongoing crisis in Europe. From the WSJ

The latest example came Monday, when a large unidentified

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Investors dial-up Nokia swaps

While Nokia’s ADR shares have had their best weekly gain in about 2 decades (rising from a low of $1.69 on July 17th, 2012 to its current level around $2.38), Bloomberg mentions how, The cost of insuring Nokia bonds using
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How Swede it is

Investors are finding more safety in everything Swedish it seems. A recent Bloomberg story pointed out that:
Credit-default swaps on five-year Swedish government bonds have rallied this month, reaching 46.3 basis points today, compared with 46.5 for the world’s largest
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